NDMA: (NDMA dispatches wheat, milk to GB landslide affectees)

ISLAMABAD: National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Tuesday said that it had dispatched five tons of wheat flour and 480 kg of milk powder for children of Gilgit-Baltistan landslide affectees through C-130 plane.

Heavy rain in parts of Northern Areas and Gilgit Baltistan, National Highway Network including N-15, N-35 (KKH), S-1 damaged several roads.

Taking cognizance of the facts, National Highway Authority has taken all necessary measures to ensure repair works. The FWO has been mobilized on N-35 KKH and S-1 Gilgit-Skardu, whereas on N-15 different contractors are mobilized to clear avalanches and snow.

Road from Hassanabdal upto Kiyal is open for all kind of traffic. Heavy landslide has damaged KKM for 300 meter length and 90 meter depth. NHA has mobilized Frontier Works Organization (FWO) to clear the slide and make roadway by blasting the hill side.

From Sazin and upto Gilgit, road is open for traffic, however at certain places one way traffic is plying. From Gilgit upto Khunjrab road is open for traffic. Road from Mansehra to Kaghan is open for traffic, however, at few points its open one way. From Kaghan to Naran snow and avalanche clearance is in progress.