Opening Ceremony of Inheritance and Craftsmanship

BEIJING: Almost every nation has a representative traditional outfit in the world, such as Kimono in Japan, Hanbok in South Korea, Ao Dai in Vietnam and Sarli in India. China, a country with five thousand years of history and civilization is undergoing its renovation, and Chinese traditional outfit is a significant icon to represent cultural implication.

To look for the fashion talents who are capable of clothing design with the ethnic Chinese characters and spirit today, the opening ceremony of Inheritance and Craftsmanship-the first Traditional Chinese Clothing Design Award kicked off in Beijing on March 22nd.

Under the guidance of China National Textile and Apparel Council, co-hosted by the Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet and Textile Apparel Weekly Magazine, the competition will run until October and include nationwide and overseas tours in November for outstanding works. To attract broad participation, the competition is divided into amateur and professional designers groups.

National well-known designers will act as mentors in the competition, and cooperate with famous brands that provide overall support to the candidates. Under the guidance of three mentors, the top 24 finalists will have their designs modeled at a live competition, the winner of which will receive RMB150,000 ($23,100). The 24 finalists’ works will also tour major cities including Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Paris. Meanwhile, the outcome of the competition will transfer to the e-commerce platform, winning designers and sponsored brands will establish “advanced new Chinese clothing customized e-commerce platform” together, to pull the production right into sales market and better increase the influence of textile and clothing industry.

Silk textile is a considerable element in advancing the development policy of “One Belt and One Road”. This competition will collect works with the theme of “Inheritance and Craftsmanship” from both domestic and overseas fields.

“China’s global influence keeps growing during the recent years, we should carry forward Chinese costume and fashion culture at the moment. Inheritance means more than imitation and reproduction, but creation. I believe this competition will play an important role in the future clothing business, especially for the current industry supply-side structural reform,” Mr. Li Dangqi, Chairman of Chinese Fashion Designers Association said.