New York: Pakistan Wednesday wished Happy Vesak Day to all nations, all people around the world and called for practicing morality, simplicity and humility.

At an event organized at the United Nations to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha, Ambassador Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN said that this was the day to affirm that people will live in harmony with followers of different faiths and religions.

The Vesak Day, he said, was a day for peace and happiness. “Today is the day to think of the poor, the sick and the marginalized and, in fact, all those from amongst us who are suffering”, he added.

Ambassador Masood Khan said that today we should remember all those – men, women and children – who are caught in conflicts or those who are fleeing their homes or those who are living in temporary shelters away from their homes or those who do not have food or water to drink. He added, “And let’s pray for them all”.

Ambassador Khan, in his speech, said that those who incite hatred and terror in the name of religion commit grave crimes against humanity. He said that Islam teaches peace, love and kindness; and encourages tolerance and harmony; and respect for other faiths.

“We need a global spiritual ethos to lure misguided people off violence foster the unison of humanity”, the Pakistani envoy said.

He said that the land of Pakistan, many centuries ago, was a cradle of Buddhist civilization which flourished in Taxila, Peshawar, Mardan, Swat and Lahore, a few of cities of modern day Pakistan.

The Vesak Day, Ambassador Khan said, was also celebrated by the people around the world to recommit themselves to lead a noble life, to refine their minds, and show love, kindness and tolerance to others.

He said that it was so fitting that the Vesak Day was being celebrated at the United Nations which epitomizes the world’s collective aspirations for peace, security and prosperity.

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