PESA: (Ex-servicemen demand merciless action against TTP terrorists)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association (PESA) on Thursday voiced deep grief and shock at the barbaric massacre of 131 little angels and teachers of a school at Peshawar terming it an unforgivable crime against humanity.

PESA in its statement said that such a deadliest terror attack is totally unprecedented history of Pakistan or anywhere in the world and no human being can ever defend this heinous crime on any account.

It said that TTP is justifying attack on future of Pakistan with reference to Islamic teachings, adding that our religious leaders and scholars must come out in the open to prove them wrong.

This was observed in an urgent meeting of PESA chaired by its President Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan. The statement added that the incident gave a clear message that terrorists are still operating from Afghanistan despite assurances from the newly elected President of Afghanistan for their elimination.

The PESA members asked the PM to insist upon USA and Afghanistan to prove their verbal assurances by eliminating TTP leadership and its command and control centres from Afghanistan and hand over wanted personnel to Pakistan.

Army Chief’s visit to Kabul as most important and appropriate to impress upon the Afghan and US military authorities to take urgent steps to fulfil their commitments.

They said that intelligence agencies must not consider that their job was over by claiming that they had already issued warnings of likely attacks. They have to reach terrorists contacts and bases to destroy them. Majority of accused are let off by courts due to lack of evidence. Those responsible for laxity in investigation must be dealt with severely.

PESA welcomed lifting ban on execution of death penalties. Welcoming the meaningful unanimity among politicians, they said it is surprising that all that the Parliamentary Parties meeting has achieved is the formation of a committee to prepare action plan.

It said the security of all educational institutions, particularly associated with military must be enhanced. It said defining terrorism is important to defeat it, therefore PESA has prepared comprehensive National Security and Anti-Terrorism policies and presentation was also made to top leadership of PML-N. PESA offered its services once again, in finalization of these crucial policies.

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