PM: (Motorway playing important role in economic development: PM)

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has said that Motorway is a precious national asset playing an important role in the country’s economic development and prosperity.

He was addressing the construction inauguration ceremony of the Gojra-Shorkot section of Faisalabad-Multan Motorway at Gojra on Monday. He said the six-lane Lahore-Karachi Motorway is a grand project which will have great impact on country’s economy.

The Prime Minister said that the over-laying and re-construction process of Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway is being done currently, which had been ignored during last fifteen years.

He said that construction work for this Gojra-Shorkot section of M4 has been divided in two parts, to ensure its completion in shortest possible time. He said that the saving of four billion rupees have been made in the estimated costs of this section, as it will be completed at a cost of seventeen billion rupees instead of earlier estimate of twenty one billion rupees.

He said that the high-quality Faisalabad-Gojra section has already been completed while work on Shorkot-Khanewal section of M4 will start soon and Khanewal-Multan section has already been completed. He said that the groundbreaking ceremony of Lahore-Multan Motorway will be held soon.

The Prime Minister said loadshedding will be eliminated in 2018. He said the whole nation should support the national agenda to take the country forward on the path of progress and prosperity. He said there is no room for a separate agenda of pulling legs of the nation and the country. He said we should steer the country out of difficulties by working together.

He said Lahore and Karachi will soon be connected through motorway and it will provide better travelling facilities to the people saving time and money. He said with this connectivity, people from different parts of the country will come close to each other. It will also result in increased investment, exports and GDP growth and reduction in unemployment.

The Prime Minister said the government is providing relief to farmers under 341 billion rupee-kissan package. Similarly, billions of rupees are being spent on the relief and rehabilitation of quake-hit people. He said billions of rupees are also being spent in the war on terror and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons.

The Prime Minister said a number of power projects, including LNG-based plants, are under construction, and transparency in these projects have helped save billions of rupees. What is this if not good governance, he questioned.