President urges parliamentarians to come up to expectations of people

Islamabad: President Mamnoon Hussain has urged the parliamentarians to come up to the expectations of the people and work hard for their development, progress and prosperity. Addressing joint session of the Parliament in Islamabad at the beginning of new parliamentary year on Monday, he stressed that the parliamentarians should activate them at each level to achieve this goal.

The President said opposition has to play a key role in strengthening the democracy and it is appreciable that the opposition in the parliament has played a commendable role in this regard.

He expressed satisfaction over the performance of the both houses of the parliament during the last years and hoped that they will continue to work for speedy development of the country.

He said the parliament has played vital role in continuity of democracy and promotion of system and hoped they will continue to work for promoting reconciliation, tolerance and coordination to further strengthen the system.

Mamnoon Hussain lauded the efforts of the government to strengthen national economy and overcoming energy crisis. He hoped government will be successful overcoming these challenges soon.

The President said government also took a bold initiative and launched dialogue with Taliban to bring peace and hoped this will lead towards its logical end.

Referring to Pakistan’s relations with other countries, the President said we want brotherly and friendly relations with all neighbours on the principle of sovereignty and equality. He said the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to New Delhi was also a step forward to normalize relation with our neighbour to bring peace and stability in the region.

The President said Pakistan wants a negotiated settlement of Kashmir dispute according to UN security Council Resolutions and aspirations of the people.

He said Pakistan gives priority to its relations with China and realizes that friendship between two countries is not merely a traditional diplomatic bond but in present times it has become a live metaphor of exemplary and eternal relationship. In reality the whole global community realizes that Pakistan and China are like two bodies and one soul in the real sense.

He said Pakistan is grateful to European Union for providing it access to their markets.

Coming to internal issues, President Mamnoon Hussain said realistic and pragmatic policies of the government for the development and prosperity of the country have enhanced our esteem and respect in the international community.

Due to these policies statesmen from various countries besides representatives of international organizations and investors from all over the world are expressing their desire to work with Pakistan and invest here in various sectors.

He said today observers and analysts from all over the civilized world are looking to us because for the first time in sixty six years of our history, one democratic government completed its constitutional term and now another democratic government has completed its one year successfully.

He highlighted various schemes and projects launched by the government to generate employment for youth. He appreciated government for launching various schemes to help youth and educate them which will help improve their skills and ultimately will benefit the country.

He said during the last one year the government’s achievements are extremely impressive which include increase in gross national production continuous decrease in budget deficit, successful launch of Euro Bond, European Union grant of GSP Plus status to Pakistan, increase in remittance and increase in export of textile products.

The President said to continue economic growth and development ending of load shedding is inevitable and lauded the steps taken by the government to solve this issue.

The President said nation fully realizes that cooperation and understanding among state institutions is critically needed today. At a time when our enemies are actively working to create conflict and discard among us, we need to maintain unity and confidence among us.

He said it is a matter of satisfaction that all state institutions are performing their duties with consummate harmony and devotion.

He said our armed forces are defending and protecting borders of country very proficiently and other defence institutions are working diligently day and night while the whole nation is proud of them. He said the Armed forces are not only protecting our boundary but they now are also performing important functions for ensuring internal security. They rendered matchless sacrifices for securing our future and we honour their sacrifices.

He also paid tribute to the sacrifices given by the people specially FATA who have always been in the fore front in the defence of the country.

The President lauded vibrant role of civil society and called upon it to give consideration to the law of the country, national tradition, temperament of society and feelings of the masses while performing of their role.

He said media is also playing its role as a watchdog and there is complete freedom of expression in the country. However, he said, people of Pakistan feel that along with its freedom the media should also realize its responsibility and boundaries.

Mamnoon Hussain said performance of judiciary does not require any analysis and it is improving its traditions as per new standards.

He said it is matter of satisfaction that minorities are enjoying equal rights in Pakistan and they are not facing any discriminatory attitude. He said the role of minorities in the development and construction of country is really laudable.

The President said supremacy of constitution have become inter dependent and solution for all problems has to be sought while remaining within the established constitutional framework. He said democratic transition and sustainability is not only a national requirement it is also equally important for our national security, dignity and political identity. He stressed further promoting reconciliatory approach to move forward the country.

The President called upon all state institutions to perform their duties according to the law of the land and they may not make political likes and dislikes while performing their duties.

The President called upon the nation and the parliament to make a solemn pledge for eradicating curse of terrorism, overcoming corruption, injustice, exploitation and disparity.

Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate, Speakers, Governors, Chief Ministers, AJK President and Prime Minister, the three services chiefs and diplomats attended the session on special invitation.

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