Senator Mushahid to counter Common Enemies of Pak-China collectively

Islamabad: Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Pakistan-China Insitute and Senate Defence Committee, has said that Pakistan and China have common enemies who must be countered collectively.

He was exchanging views with a delegation of the Chinese Communist Party, led by Tian Duanhui, Director General of CPC Centre for International Exchanges, here at Pakistan China Institute.

The Senator, while highlighting the good governance practices of China, said that China is an example to emulate in poverty alleviation as it uplifted 500 million people from below the poverty threshold into the middle class.

He also commended the smooth transitions of political leadership in China from one President to another with all of them driving forward the peaceful mission of the Communist Party.

Appreciating the vision and leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chairman remarked China has always maintained a strict policy of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries while endeavouring for regional peace and progress.

He added that projects like Central Asian Economic Belt and Pak-China Economic Corridor would be the drivers of future economic growth and stability in the region.

Duanhui appreciated the remarkable contribution of Pakistan-China Institute in amplifying people-to-people interaction between the two countries and promoting the Chinese culture in Pakistan.

To further strengthen the bond and cooperation, he underlined the possibilities of joint research studies on China, particularly on the Xinjiang province which is a direct neighbour of Pakistan.

These research endeavours, he explained, would project China’s soft power and assist in diplomacy. “Pakistan-China relations are termed as gum and teeth in China which means that the two countries are inter-dependent and hence must work together”, said Duanhui on a lighter note.

The Senator further said that there should be greater interaction, cooperation and collaborations to teach these lessons to Pakistan and the world.

“There should be dissemination of literature on Chinese culture, governance, foreign policy and history in Pakistan”, he emphasized, and adding that many scholars in Pakistan are interested to study the Chinese history.

He also condemned the recent Urumqi terrorist attack, stating that the Senate Defence Committee unequivocally passed a resolution against the terror attacks.

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