Sports: (AVM (R) Razi Nawab becomes Member of PTF Management Committee)

ISLAMABAD: The President of Pakistan Tennis Federation, Salim Saifullah Khan on Wednesday announce that AVM (R) Razi Nawab has accepted his invitation to be a Member of the PTF Management Committee and has been appointed as the SVP-Ops with immediate effect.

The President’s Secretariat elaborated, further, to say that AVM Nawab, the SVP of the Pakistan Squash Federation and the major force behind the once-again growing Squash activities in Pakistan, is a well-known and highly respected figure in the world of sports in Pakistan.

His coming aboard PTF is a matter of delight because it is attended by his vast exposure and experience in Sports Administration at the Pakistan and International stage.

AVM Razi Nawab is expected to take over the most demanding role as “SVP-Operations” which means he will be working very closely with the President and overseeing crucial aspects, such as Players’ and Coaches and Officials’ development, Infrastructure identification and development, as well as serving on various Committees of the PTF.

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