Trade: (PM requested to take notice of broken roads of industrial areas, dry port and IJP road)

ISLAMABAD: The local industrialists in a meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Thursday appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take notice of the broken roads of industrial areas, dry port and IJP road as CDA was paying no attention to their repair & maintenance due to which business activities were badly suffering.

Atif Ikram Sheikh President, Sheikh Pervez Ahmed Senior Vice President and Sheikh Abdul Waheed Vice President, ICCI said that main road of Islamabad Dry Port, IJP Road and industrial areas roads were in bad condition since long, but CDA was ignoring their repair due to which it was very difficult for heavy vehicles to transport goods to/from these areas.

They said IJP road was linking industrial area of Islamabad with the whole of country and Afghanistan but frequent traffic jams on this road were hampering growth of business activities. They stressed that CDA should work on war footing basis to repair these roads. He said that bad condition of roads in industrial areas was also discouraging new investment.

They said government was earning millions of rupees from industrial areas in terms of sales tax and excise duty but was paying no attention to develop their roads at part with international standards due to which business community was facing great inconvenience.

They said that the condition of roads in I-11 Sector was also deplorable as these roads were dotted with potholes. They stressed upon the CDA to pay urgent attention to develop all roads in industrial and commercial areas to improve basic infrastructure for commercial activities.

They said the piped water was not reaching industrial and residential areas in I-9 and I-10 due to which the industrialists and residents were facing acute water shortage issue. They said CDA’s water tanks were also unable to provide water on time in these areas while the civic body was spending millions of rupees on their fuels.

They said CDA was supplying bored water in I-8 sector due to which there was no issue of water shortage and stressed that CDA should make similar arrangements in water crisis-hit areas including I-9 and I-10 sectors to ensure regular supply of water.