Traders demand construction of slaughterhouse away from Islamabad

Islamabad:,,, Local traders have called upon the CDA to avoid constructing slaughterhouse in the middle of city as it will make the environment unhygienic and create more problems for the citizens.

Khalid Mian, President, ICT Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industry, Islamabad said the construction of slaughterhouse in H-9 Sector, which is in the middle of city, would be an anti-citizens project as its construction will badly affect the health of residents of surrounding areas up to many kilometres as the fat melting and bones processing plants in the facility would cause more smell in the area.

He appealed to the Chairman CDA to shift this project out of the city and cautioned that if it was constructed within the city, residents including traders would launch a strong protest against it.

He said a slaughterhouse was constructed in Humak Town, near Kakpul at a distance of few hundred yards from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University.

But students of MAJU feel great problems due to its stench which reaches their class rooms. He said if slaughterhouse was constructed near Sunday Bazaar in Islamabad, it will badly affect residents of G-9/4 as well as employees of FIA Headquarters and other organizations located in the area.

Khalid Mian called upon the CDA to take back the possession slaughterhouse of Humak Town to cater to the meat products needs of Islamabad. He said if the project was not cancelled in Islamabad, traders would protest in front of the Press Club in the next week.

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