WIN/Gallup International’s annual global End of Year survey shows that happiness is on the rise

ISLAMABAD: WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, has published its 38th End of Year Survey on Wednesday exploring the outlook, expectations, views and beliefs of 64002 people from 65 countries across the globe.

A majority of Pakistani respondents to the WIN/Gallup global End of Year annual survey are optimistic about the future. When asked if they believed 2015 will be better, worse or the same as 2014, 70% respondents said 2015 will be better, 9% said it will be worse and 20% said it will be the same. Opinions seem more divided over the question of economic prosperity in the coming year.

61% Pakistani respondents believe that 2015 will bring more economic prosperity compared to 2014, while 14% believe 2015 will be economically worse-off than 2014, and 22% believe there will be no difference in economic prosperity next year.

A key question asked in the global survey was about respondents’ perception of their own happiness. When asked how they personally feel in general, 32% Pakistani respondents said they feel very happy, 36% said they feel happy, 25% feel neither happy nor unhappy, while 6% feel unhappy and only 1% feel very unhappy.

Pakistan respondents diverge from their counterparts in Western Europe and Americas over the question of willingness to fight for one’s country. An overwhelming majority of Pakistani respondents (89%) expressed their readiness to fight for their country, compared to Western Europe (25%) and the Americas (48%). Only 7% respondents from Pakistan are not willing to take up arms for their country.

The End of Year Survey is an annual tradition initiated by and designed under the chairmanship of Dr. George Gallup in 1977. It is conducted every year since then. This year it was carried out by the WIN/Gallup International Association in 65 countries around the world.

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