Business: Kinnow failed to introduced in high end markets owing to hit & trail basis: Ahmad Jawad

Islamabad: Senior Member Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and horticulture expert Ahmad Jawad has said that country has failed to introduce kinnow in high end markets owing to hit and trial basis policies.

Country’s Trade Offices must help through trade diplomacy by coordinating well with the importers for kinnow shipments during the entire season so that trade volume may increase, he stated this in a press statement issued on Tuesday.

I am surprised on the recent figures of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association (PFVA) that Kinnow export target has been met. “I think the Association didn’t know ground realities as what happened actually with Kinnow in this closing season” he added.

Fruit production, he said, was around 2.0 million tons every year and exports hardly 300,000 tons. “Is this achievement,” he questioned.

Regardless of domestic demand there is still 200,000 to 300,000 tons vacuum available for export subject to the laid down TOR and SOP’s for this fruit on collective basis. He said that kinnow Farmers the real stake holders and so called exporters are not on the same page which is the matter of great concern; he remarked.

Jawad told that Pakistan is one of the top 10 citrus producing countries in the world and it is one of the major fruits exported from the country. Punjab dominates the national horizon, contributing 90% to the total production.

In the province, Sargodha alone produces 70% of the total output. Citrus produced in the city is considered the best variety in the world and has great demand in international markets. Besides Sargodha is the largest producer of Citrus Reticula called kinnow, a unique variety produced in this part of the world’ he reiterated.

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