Celebrating Connections brings the adaptation of British play to the Pakistani Stage

Islamabad: The British High Commission’s ‘Celebrating Connections’ project this week supported the production of an original stage play ‘A Complete Family’ in Islamabad. The production, which concludes today (Saturday) after a week long run, is an adaptation of the British play ‘A Ready Made Family’ and is being staged in Pakistan for the very first time.

The show follows the characters of two families from two different countries, as they go through a shared journey of disappointments, laughs and happiness. The production highlights how despite having two different cultures, the UK and Pakistan have so much in common.

Salma Mir, the show’s Director commented:“All of the cast members did a fantastic job. Our cast was small but mighty, offering a poignant and funny representation of a family connected to both Pakistan and the UK. I’m delighted how the play brilliantly created an atmosphere where the audience followed this fictional family throughout their journey,’’

An audience member said:“It was great fun…I thought Daisy, Sammie, Zoya and Jamal, were all hysterical!”

Thanking everyone who made this show possible, a British High Commission spokesperson added:“The UK and Pakistan are deeply connected. Yet not many people know about the richness of these connections in terms of people, trade, culture, education and development that form our unbreakable partnership.

‘A Complete Family’ shows that it is not only our political relationship which ties Pakistanis and Britons together, but also our deep family connections, our people to people links, and our shared love of art, music and sports. All make up the vibrancy of this intertwined partnership.”

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