CNG: APCNGA rejects new CNG closure schedule

Islamabad: The All Pakistan CNG Association APCNGA on Monday rejected the decision to close the CNG filling stations in Punjab and Sindh terming it a conspiracy against masses hatched to promote interests of LPG mafia and wealthy industrialists.

We reject the schedule for closure of CNG stations in Punjab for six days and in Sindh for four days in the garb of low gas pressure, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman Supreme Council APCNGA in a statement.

He said that Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources as well as Ogra are dancing on the tunes of liquid gas mafia and politically connected industrial sector representing twenty two notorious families known for grabbing most of the country’s resources.

The people have been facing great difficulties as most of the public transport went off roads due to CNG closure which proves that the government that made it to power with the help of poor is framing all policies to promote the interests of the rich while subjecting middleclass and poor to worst exploitation, he added.

The law is not alike for poor and rich, the life has become miserable for dispossessed while the later have been thriving on the cost of underprivileged, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha.

He said that government’s persistence to provide gas on hefty tariff to CNG stations and repressive taxation amounts to overburdening poor who use economical fuel.

Similarly, he said, CNG sector is subjected to injustice which has been accepted on all important forums including the National Assembly’s Standing Committees but to no avail.

Paracha said that the situation has forced many CNG station owners to sell assets to pay their gas and electricity bills while the overall Rs 400 billion investments in this sector is under serious threat due to the conspiracies of those who matter the most.

He said that CNG stations and textile sector has been closed but the gas pressure is low meriting question that where the precious resource is flowing.

Asking the Supreme Court to probe purchase of scrap terminal of Progas by SSGC on hefty rates, he said that the people involved in this scam are also responsible for plunging country into energy crisis and forcing international exploration companies to wrap operations in Pakistan.

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