CNG load shedding across Punjab unfair, Punjab Forum

Islamabad: The Punjab Forum on Friday said weather has improved across province of Punjab leaving government without any justification to continue CNG load shedding. People of Punjab are without CNG since months on the pretext of cold weather but now it has normalised, it said.

Masses as well as transporters across Punjab except for the twin cities have been facing difficulties due to suspension of natural gas supply which has also left many jobless, said Baig Raj, President of Punjab Forum.

He said that CNG sector was closed on the pretext of gas shortage but all the other sectors including captive power plants wasting gas worth billions continue to get supply.

Resuming supply of natural gas to CNG sector in Punjab will have an impact of one per cent only on the overall natural gas production while it will benefit tens of millions, he added.

Baig Raj said that domestic use of gas in dropping which has increased pressure in the pipelines therefore masses should be no more deprived by the bureaucracy and politicians.

He noted that discriminatory distribution of gas since last five years has taken toll on economy and masses with Punjab suffering the most.

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