Islamabad: Yukiya Amano, Director General International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) called on Mr. Zahid Hamid, Federal Minister for Science and Technology.

The Minister welcomed him and briefed about the mandate vis-a-viz achievements of Ministry of Science and Technology and its subsidiaries research and development organizations.

He highlighted the holistic vision 2025 in S&T of the present government and explained that the government was not only working in the traditional fields but in the emerging areas of Science and technologies as well. i.e Nanotechnology , Biotechnology and Fuel cell technology ,with the idea to reorient the S&T sectors according to the need of the day.

Speaking on the occasion DG IAEA appreciated Pakistan’s safe and secure operations of nuclear power plants and assured maximum help in that perspective..

The Minister welcomed the positive role played by the IAEA in health, agriculture and food safety sectors in Pakistan.

Mr. Kamran Ali Qureshi, Secretary Ministry of S&T, Dr. Insar Pervaiz, Chairman Pakistan Atomic, Energy Commission (PAEC) all heads of the 15 organizations of the ministry were also present in the meeting.

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