Experts call for introducing modern techniques in agriculture sector

Islamabad: Pakistan is included in the top 10 countries’ list massively threatened by the issue of water scarcity. Experts have called for introducing modern techniques to save country’s agricultural water consumption down to 25 percent.

Speaking at a day-long seminar on Water Scarcity and Future in Islamabad today (Sunday)‚ they urged public to get sensitized with water conservation strategies.

Pakistan is included in the top ten countries’ list massively threatened by the issue of water scarcity.

Executive Director of Higher Education Commission‚ Professor Mukhtar Ahmed argued for better water management both at domestic as well as agriculture and industrial level.

Senior Advisor at Climate Change Ministry‚ Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry said although glacial melt is a slow phenomenon and various studies have ruled out this at western part of Himalayan and Karakorum ranges‚ but it does not mean climate change will not affect our part of snows since glaciers are retreating across the globe.

Pakistan receives around 70 percent of its fresh waters in Indus River from the melting of northern glaciers‚ whereas the water losses in the irrigation system are recorded at 55 percent.

Qamar-uz-Zaman claimed the biggest and best irrigation system of Pakistan in the world is incapacitating due to poor maintenance.

Commenting on wastage of water at domestic level‚ he urged the government to introduce innovative water conservation policy.

He said recycling and water costing system can significantly reduce water wastage at domestic level.

He also urged authorities of metro and cosmopolitan cities to introduce a mechanism for discouraging over exploitation of groundwater. He said over one million private tube wells are being operated across the country without any policy.

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