Football match played on Kashmir day

Islamabad: To celebrate the Kashmir Solidarity Day on Wednesday: a football match between Akbar football Club Islamabad and Punjab group of Colleges was organized at Jinnah Stadium Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad .

Director General (T&T) Dr. Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera was the Chief Guest at the occasion. Akbar football Club defeated Punjab group of colleges by 4-0. The Chief Guest: Dr. Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera distributed the prizes among the players.

On the same day a Hockey match was also organized by Pakistan Sports Board in collaboration with the local hockey Association: between Kashmir Eleven and PSB Eleven at Naseer Bunda Hockey Stadium Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad.

Mr. Sharyar: president Islamabad Press Club and Chairman Islamabad Hockey Association was the Chief Guest.

Kashmir Eleven beat PSB Eleven by 4-3. At the end Chief Guest distributed prizes among the players.

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