Imran for respecting Kalash community’s way of life

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Imran Khan took note of the TTP video in which the Kalash and Ismaili communities have been threatened, and strongly condemned this targeting of peaceful Pakistani communities who are an integral part of the nation. The peaceful Kalash community’s way of life must be respected and the state must ensure their protection.

He reminded that it is against the very teachings of the Holy Quran to force people to convert to Islam. The Prophet PBUH enshrined this respect for minorities in the Madina Charter, Khan added.

Chairman Khan also pointed out that the Ismaili community made an important contribution to the development of Pakistan since its creation and has continued to play a vital role in its progress since. The growing trend towards intolerance and violence towards “the other” must end. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan commits the State to protect the life and property of all citizens of Pakistan. The state must ensure that the Constitution is enforced across the country.

Imran Khan said PTI respects all the communities that comprise the Pakistani nation and recognizes the vital role played by the minorities in Pakistan’s development. Threatening any peaceful Pakistani community is threatening the nation and can never be accepted.

The growing violence, threats and killings of innocent Pakistanis and security personnel makes peace through dialogue more difficult and only serves the interests of the enemies of the country.

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