Japan thanks Pakistan

Islamabad: On behalf of Japanese people, Mr. Hiroshi Inomata, The Ambassador of Japan has expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to the Government and the people of Pakistan for their valuable support to the Japanese people in the aftermath of Great East Japan Earthquake which devastated Japan on the fateful day of March 11, 2011.

In his message on the third anniversary of Great East Japan Earthquake, Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata while thanking the support from Pakistan said, “Three years ago today, Japan was hit by triple disaster, devastating earthquake with the magnitude 9.0, gigantic Tsunami and a nuclear power station accident.

People in the damaged area have lost their families, friends, houses, cars, jobs and things they loved. But Japanese people have never lost HOPE, since we have been encouraged and supported by friends in all over the world including Pakistan.

The affected area of Japan is still in the process of recovery but thanks to your help as well as understanding it has steadily revitalized.We will never forget about your compassion and friendship”.

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