Kosovo’s FM meets Petroleum Minister

Islamabad: Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj along with a delegation, called on Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in Islamabad.

The Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources appraised the delegation of the energy sector of Pakistan. He informed the delegation that the present Government of Pakistan is committed to resolve the energy problem of Pakistan in shortest possible time.

“In this regard both long term and short term measures are being taken”, the Minister told the delegation. “LNG import is short-term solution while to meet the long-term energy requirements of the country coal and gas base power plants are being constructed with help of international energy companies”.

Enver Hoxhaj expressed his gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for recognition of Kosovo as an independent state and People of Pakistan for reconstruction and rebuilding of Kosovo.

He informed that Kosovo being an investment friendly country offers immense investment opportunities in various sector like energy, mines & minerals, textile and pharmaceuticals industries, for which Pakistan has a very good reputation around the globe.

He also offered scholarships for Pakistani students in the fields of Mines &Minerals in Universities of Kosovo which have very good faculty of mining sciences.

He also invited the Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources to visit Kosovo in the coming months and to meet with energy experts there. He hoped that this exchange of visits will open up a new chapter of relationships between Pakistan and Kosovo.

The Kosovo’s Foreign Minister said that in future Kosovo can be a hub for Pakistan in the Europe while Pakistan for Kosovo in South Asia.

The Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources appreciated that the Kosovo is blessed with immense mineral resources; particularly it is third largest country possessing lignite coal reserves in the entire Europe.

Pakistan which also has the fourth largest lignite coal reserves can benefit from the expertise and experience gained by Kosovo over the years in this energy rich resource.

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