Maulana Zafar Ali Khan’s death anniversary observes today

Islamabad: The 57th death anniversary of Baba-e-Sahafat Zafar Ali Khan will be observed today Wednesday. On Wednesday‚ the nation will remember the great political leader‚ journalist‚ author and poet for his immortal services. He was born in 1873 at Kot Marath‚ near Wazirabad. His father Maulvi Sirajuddin Ahmed – a close associate of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan‚ was a man of considerable ability and talent.

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan received his early education from Mission High School. Then he was sent to Mahindra College‚ Patiala‚ where his uncle‚ Professor Abdullah Khan‚ taught Arabic and Persian. He graduated from the Aligarh Muslim University in 1892‚ after which he established himself as a well known writer of both Urdu and English literature. His articles were published in Makhzan‚ Zamindar and other leading English newspapers.

In 1906‚ Zafar Ali Khan went to Bengal to participate in a meeting held by the All-India Muslim League. He was appointed Assistant Home Secretary of the then princely State of Hyderabad Deccan. During his tenure‚ the Maulana made great efforts for the promotion of Muslim culture‚ and that is why his activities were often monitored by pro-British elements in the government. He remained a member of the Central Legislative Assembly of India for 10 years. He participated in the Khilafat Movement‚ Islamic Bazaar Movement‚ Tehrik Masjid Shaheed Gunj and many others.

He was the only leader in the subcontinent‚ who spent the maximum time of his life in jail‚ for delivering speeches against the British Raj. In 1910‚ he was appointed as editor of Daily Zamindar‚ which was launched by his father. With the passage of time‚ it became the true voice of the Muslims of the subcontinent and world over. Due to the newspaper‚ he was able to establish the Turkey Fund during the Trabalas and Balkan War. He went all the way to Turkey to present the collected money to the Sultan.

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