Microsoft conducts 15 Awareness Sessions for Students & Teachers in Pakistan

Islamabad: Microsoft Pakistan has taken another step in its effort to raise awareness and educate young generation on internet safety and security, by conducting 15 sessions on “Internet safety & security” in various cities for young students and teachers in Pakistan.

Microsoft Pakistan conducted these sessions in different institutes of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar to raise awareness about internet safety and security for young users and teachers.

The sessions involved Microsoft speakers highlighting the importance for safer use of technology involving parental control guidance and online gaming. The speakers also provided tips for managing online reputation and preventing online bullying scenarios.

Amir Rao, Country Manager for Microsoft Pakistan said, “The concern for online safety and security is a global issue. The ever-changing ways kids interact online has made it difficult for parents to keep pace with the latest safety and security dimensions.”

“At Microsoft, We are making efforts in raising awareness to educate young students and teachers by providing them knowledge and tips to counter misuse of the Internet, which can turn out to be the best way they can stay better protected online.” He added

Ms. Tayyaba Noureen, Senior Manager ICT Initiatives, Routes Millennium School said, “Students always want some mentor to guide them the right way forward. I think Microsoft has played the same role here in educating our students and teachers about Internet safety and security. These awareness sessions need to be conducted at regular intervals.”

Microsoft Pakistan, through these awareness sessions has addressed around 300 teachers and 700 students directly and 2000 indirectly with the help of its beneficiaries.

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