Pak-US strategic dialogue should trigger new era of relations: FPCCI

Islamabad: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Monday welcomed the resumption of Pak-US strategic dialogue after a delay of three years terming it beneficial for the two countries. The negotiations should not be a wastage of time, it should result in meaningful developments and deep ties so that bilateral relation could enter a new era.

If US considers Islamabad as a key ally and strategic partner than it should play due role in our development with focus on provision of latest military hardware to help contain insurgency, support us to resolve energy crisis and provision of market access, said Zubair Ahmed Malik, President FPCCI.

Speaking to a group of businessmen, he said that our bilateral relations should be sustainable promoting comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation and not on ad hoc basis. He said that Pakistan is an independent and sovereign nation therefore it will never accept conditional aid and mismatched relations.

The FPCCI chief said that the recent conditions imposed by the US administration have not gone down well with the business community. Pakistan has paid heavily in the war on terror, it has drained public exchequer while increasing cost of doing business with common man as an ultimate victim, he said.

Zubair Ahmed Malik said that the responsibility of the outcome of dialogue lies on the negotiators of both the countries.

Pakistan should try for a meaningful outcome while matters of lesser importance should not harm the negotiations. Pakistani team must exploring new areas of cooperation, try upgraded commercial ties, market access and increased US investment, he demanded.
He observed that negotiations could have a positive impact on Afghan situation which can allow that rest of the world to engage in increased trade with Kabul and Pakistan to access Central Asia with ease.

Drone attacks are against the sovereignty of Pakistan which are not only unacceptable to masses but also harming US image in Pakistan, said Malik.

We have a responsibility to work together and bolster our cooperation for world peace, stability and prosperity which can be achieved through intensified cooperation on international and regional issues.

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