Relaxation in Rawalpindi curfew announced from 7:30 pm to midnight tonight

Islamabad: Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has said that situation is improving in the country including Islamabad and Rawalpindi after the unfortunate Rawalpindi incident occurred on Friday.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Sunday he said that curfew will be relaxed from 7.30 pm tonight to twelve midnight. The Minister said at eleven tonight‚ situation in Rawalpindi will be reviewed with the Punjab Government and hoped that the situation will be better for today (Monday).

He said negotiations were held with Ulema of all schools of thought. He added that Ulema demonstrated their prudence. He said Namaz-e-Janaza of three persons of the tragedy was offered in an atmosphere of understanding.

He said the other side also fulfilled their commitment. The Minister said this one incident left a scar on the peaceful situation during the first ten days of Muharram.

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