Residents hold protest against sui-gas shortage

Islamabad: Hundreds of men, women and children residents of a rural Islamabad locality Alipur Farash blocked the Lehtrar Road on Wednesday afternoon to protest endemic gas shortage in their homes since the winter season began.

The protestors refused to let a single vehicle pass during the protest and the impasse was eventually resolved when the Assistant Commission (Rural) Syed Bahadur Ali intervened and made a commitment to the protesting community to mediate between them and the General Manager of Sui Northern Gas Company Limited.

Speaking on the occasion Awami Workers Party secretary general Aasim Sajjad said that this is the same region of rural Islamabad in which the dictator Pervez Musharraf is residing in a so-called ‘sub-jail’ with unmatched facilities yet gas and other basic utilities are denied to ordinary working people simply because they have no political clout. He said that protests would increase if this callous attitude remained intact.

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