Several programmes are operational to reduce infants mortality rate

Islamabad: The National Assembly Thursday was informed that several programmes are operational to reduce infants’ mortality rates in the country.

Responding to a call attention notice Federal Minister Rana Tanvir Hussain said primary healthcare‚ vaccination and community midwife workers programmes have helped reduce the mortality rate among the infants.

He said that the federal government is committed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals regarding infant mortality rate.

Speaking in the House‚ Finance Minister Ishaq Dar confirmed that National Tax Numbers have been issued to all the Parliamentarians.

He minister said the Parliamentarians who were paying taxes were being criticized both at the international level and in the media for not filing the returns. He said that out of 1172 Parliamentarians‚ only 512 were tax filers before January 6.

He said all the Parliamentarians except 52 including eight MNAs have filed their tax returns as a result of the efforts of the FBR and the cooperation of the Parliamentarians.

He said the tax directory of the Parliamentarians will be uploaded on the website tomorrow (Friday).

Responding to points of order raised by different members‚ the Finance Minister urged provincial governments to step up efforts to realize the true potential of agriculture tax.

He said Punjab is currently collecting seven hundred million rupees and Sindh three hundred million rupees agriculture tax which needs to be further enhanced.

The Finance Minister said the government is working proactively to enhance the tax net.

He said against the tax growth of three percent during the last five years‚ the country witnessed a growth of 16 percent in the first six months of current fiscal year. The tax growth rose to 26 percent in the month of January.

Meanwhile, the House passed the “National Judicial Policy Making Committee (Amendment) Bill‚ 2013” to further amend the National Judicial Policy Making Committee Ordinance 2002.

Parliamentary Secretary for Finance Rana Afzal Khan laid before the House “The Credit Bureaus Bill‚ 2014”.

The Parliamentary Secretary also introduced before the House “The Fiscal and Debt Policy Statements for the year 2013-14”.

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