Sindh Govt, nationalists responsible for Thar Tragedy: Baig Raj

Islamabad: The Punjab Forum on Tuesday said many regions of country will give look of a desert if Kalabagh dam (KBD) was not constructed immediately. Nationalists that are opposing construction of KBD on the wishes of India want fertile lands to become scrublands and arid zones resulting in a famine like situation to spark off a civil war, it said. Government should mobilize public opinion within the NWFP and other provinces for the early construction of the Kalabagh dam as it is not a secondary but a primary issue, said Baig Raj, President Punjab Forum.

The mega project is detrimental to the interest of the people of smaller provinces but against the interests of enemies of Pakistan, he added. He asked the people of Pakistan and that of Thar to vote for the party that promises construction of KBD. Baig Raj said that Sindh Government known for incompetence and mismanagement as well as the nationalists are equally responsible for Thar tragedy. He noted that suspension of some officials is not enough; resignations should be sought from the chief minister and other concerned ministers who will never demonstrate courage to resign voluntarily. Baig Raj took strong exception of campaign launched by a political party in the wake of Thar tragedy saying that they would get votes from the arid region but would consider their voters second rate citizens.

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