Standing committee on interior presents three reports in NA

Islamabad: The Chairman of Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control presented three reports on Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bills and Protection of Pakistan Bill, 2013, in the National Assembly during 5th sitting of its 8th session on Friday, says Free and Fair Election Network in its Daily Factsheet based on direct observation of the proceedings.

The reports include Anti-terrorism Act 1997 [The Ant-terrorism (Amendment) Bills, 2013] (Ordinances No. VII and VIII of 2013) and [The Protection of Pakistan Bill, 2013 (Ordinance No. IX of 2013).

The first two reports relate to “further amend the Anti-terrorism Act, 1997” while the third one calls for “protection against waging of war against Pakistan and the prevention of acts threatening the security of Pakistan”.

The House took up two Calling Attention Notices (CANs). The first one was regarding non-utilization of vaccine and vehicles/motorcycles worth billions of rupees purchased under the hepatitis programme while the other CAN was related to financial assistance offered by the textile industrialists to the government to set up Industrial waste water treatment plants.

A total of 37 members were present at the outset while 67 were there at the adjournment of sitting.

After a PTI MNA pointed out quorum at 1127 hours, the Chair ordered for the count of members and the proceedings had to be adjourned for 22 minutes, as the quorum was found incomplete. The proceedings resumed at 1149 hours.

The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition did not attend the sitting while the Parliamentary leaders of JI, QWP-S, JUI-F and PML-Z attended the proceedings.

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