USAID strengthening DISCOs’ Planning & Engineering Departments

Islamabad: DISCOs play a key role in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted delivery of power to residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers, says a press release. Without an efficient planning and engineering system, DISCOs would be unable to provide quality services to their consumers.

USAID has established Planning & Engineering Computer Centers in DISCOs and has already provided successive trainings to P&E managers of all nine DISCOs.

USAID Power Distribution Program is empowering the nine Government-owned Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs) by strengthening capacity of their Planning and Engineering (P&E) departments to overcome the current energy shortfall.

DISCOs are provided with state of the art tools including Computers, handheld GPS devices and software enabling them to work more efficiently by saving man-hours.

Power Distribution Program has designed a comprehensive capacity building program, during which basic software training and on job training sessions have been held almost for the past two years.

An advanced training session of the power flow analysis software “SynerGEE” has been arranged at Islamabad for Planning Engineers form all nine DISCOs.

The training is conducted by a foreign qualified veteran electrical professional so that the tool provided should be utilized in an optimal manner. This session is focused on area planning activities so that the distribution network performance can be improved by load sharing amongst feeder/Grid stations.

The USAID Power Distribution Program is a five year, USAID-funded program aimed at working jointly with government-owned DISCOs in Pakistan to improve their performance in terms of a reduction in losses and improvement in both revenues and customer services, to bring them to the level of well-run utilities in other progressive countries.

Through this program, the United States Government provides assistance to the Government of Pakistan in its efforts to reform the power sector to end the current energy shortfall.

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