15 % population suffering from skin diseases in Sindh

KARACHI: Renowned Skin Specialist, Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh (ISDS), Dr Manzoor H Memon, has said about 15 percent population of Sindh was suffering from skin diseases and urbanization was considered the major factor behind the prevalence of such diseases.

He told PPI here that skin problems are considered a global diseases issue and are also increasing all over the country and Sindh with the passage time. He said around 10 to 15 from every 100 people were suffering from different skin diseases in Sindh. He informed the nature of diseases prevalence were different in summer and winter weather in country.

He said skin diseases were common in people who had fair complex and sensitive skin as compared to normal skin people. He said extremeness of weather had increased the risk of skin diseases among masses. He said ratio of skin diseases spread in women and men was same but the children were most vulnerable of these diseases due to their weak immune system.

He informed that heat rashes, fungal disease, photosensitive dermatitis, acnes and other skin allergies are common diseases of summer season. He said around 2500 to 3000 people visit different Out Patient Departments (OPD) in 50-bed Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh on daily basis.

Dr Memon said industrialization, urbanization, smoke, lack of clean water, detergents, substandard cosmetics brands and air pollution are the major causes behind surge in skin disease in big cities. He informed that prevalence of skin diseases in small towns and villages was low as compared big cities.

He said uses of detergents and substandard cosmetics products also cause different skin diseases among the women like eczema. He said some skin diseases automatically increase in summer and people should adopt preventive measure in this regard.

He advised the people to avoid direct exposure of sunlight, hot weather, substandard detergents and cosmetics to prevent skin disease in summer. He urged the masses to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in personnel life like use hygienic food, remain clean, use separate towel, wear light colour dress and consume clean water.

He further advised people to consult with specialist skin doctor in case of skin infections to avoid further complications.

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