18 countries confirm participation in WHA

KARACHI: Delegates from Australia, Bangladesh, Croatia, Gambia, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Niger, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Suriname, Singapore, Turkey, and UAE have confirmed their participation for the upcoming OIC-SMIIC: World Halal Assembly.

The event is being organized by Halal Products and Services Association of Pakistan (HAP) along with PSQCA in Islamabad on June 04, 2014, with the agenda of “Asia – Future of World Halal Economy”.

Pakistani companies from food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, meat and poultry sectors are also approaching the association to set up their stalls in the event.

Objectives of the event is to provide comprehensive knowledge to the audience, in addition to bring Pakistan on the Global Halal Trade map and inform the opportunities available for Pakistani exporters in the trillions dollar Halal market. The Assembly will also focus on issues and challenges related to Halal business, certification, accreditation and marketing. It would also highlight the role of trade bodies in promotion of Halal trade and highlight the issues which could be taken up by the government for the next budget and promotion of Halal exports of Pakistan.

HAP is the first ever trade association in Pakistan officially registered with Ministry of Commerce to represent Pakistani Halal products and services sectors, and find solutions to the existing issues for promotion of Halal trade.

HAP is the initiative of Halal Development Council (HDC), a registered NGO, dedicated to the development of Halal economy in Pakistan. HDC is the pioneer to initiate the concept of “HALAL” in Pakistan & has been creating awareness for last 6 years, about benefits of Halal Certification and advantages of Halal certified exports.

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