1bn people in world suffer from some disability

Karachi: Dean Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Shagufta Shahzadi said that according to a UN report, 1 billion people in the world are suffering from any form of disability.

She said special children deserve our special attention. These children don’t lack abilities but parents, teachers and people must give adequate attention for their education and upbringing so that they should not develop inferiority complex. They are a special part of our society and we should motivate them as they should not think that they are alone. Awareness regarding this must be spread so that they should not be discriminated and treated equally.

Adequate measures must be taken to make them a useful citizen of the country. It’s the teaching of Islam not to discriminate among each other and be united, she added.

She was addressing while visiting the Disability Expo organized jointly by all the Special Schools of Karachi.

More than 30 special schools and their hundreds of special students participate. Special children demonstrated painting art, craft jewellery making and block printing which was highly appreciated by the participants and the visitors.