20% population has access to oral-dental treatment: moot told

KARACHI: About 20% population of Pakistan has access to oral and dental treatment, which is low. Mouth washing is mandatory to ensure healthy society. It creates good image about the personality of people in the society and keep them safe from diseases.

This was informed by health and social leaders at a program on the World Oral Health Day organized by Fatima Jinnah Dental College Karachi in collaboration with FDI and Shied Pakistan at its premises here on Thursday.

Speaking as chief guest at the ceremony, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA Dr Arif Alvi said that mouth washing is necessary for healthy life and good image of people in the society. “If mouth washing is not carried out, it will leave negative impact on the culture values,” he remarked.

He said that several diseases in Pakistan are preventable if proper cleanliness is carried. “Cleanliness is not a new thing. It is being carried out from one generation to another since long time. Children learn cleanliness from parents, therefore, people should give more emphasis on cleanliness, particularly of body.” He said that prevalence of dental disease is high in those countries where sugar is used at higher level.

Saqib Rashid, President, Pakistan Dental Association, said that World Oral Health Day has a great significant as it raises awareness about oral safety. He said that only 20 population of Pakistan has access to oral and dental treatment. On this day free checkups and treatment of teeth are carried out, he said. He urged people to keep their teeth and mouth clean for good health.

Maria Khatija Siddiqui, Head of Community Dentistry, said that there is need to raise awareness about oral cavity of mouth and clean it properly. We should clean our mouth like other parts of the body, she stressed. “Cleaning teeth with brush is necessary for healthy smile. People should not consume gutka and chalia because of the fact that they are very harmful for teeth and oral.”

“Gutka could cause oral cancer, therefore, prevention is better than cure,” Maria said. She said that teeth should be brushed twice a day to ensure healthy life style.

M Hashim Hussain said that the World Oral Health Day is observed to raise awareness among people about the importance of cleaning mouth and remaining safe from oral and teeth diseases. He stressed the need to cleanse mouth properly.

M Talib, Principal of Mothers as Teachers, said that social evils, including consuming gutka, are ruining our society, therefore, a law should be introduced to take action against both consumers and manufacturers of gutka. Such law will ensure healthy society, he added.

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