20 trafficked Pakistanis reaching home tomorrow

KARACHI: Twenty Pakistanis, who were trafficked from Pakistan to Somalia by a cruel agent for slavery, are reaching homeland on Saturday morning, June 28 with efforts of Ansar Burney, the former federal minister for human rights and the chief of Ansar Burney Trust International.

The 20 Pakistani nationals had been trafficked for slavery and were stuck up at Berbera Port in Somaliland. They have thanked Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad for assistance in bringing them back to home.

Burney said that 20 Pakistanis were trafficked for ‘modern day slavery’ by cruel agents in Pakistan to Somalia, via Dubai, about one month ago by way of cheating and fraud as they were promised to be taken to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for the good job of fishermen but conversely they were taken to Somaliland, Somalia.

Burney said the names of 20 Pakistanis are Kader, Feroz, Adam, Jafer, Younus, Akber, Ghafoor, Abdullah, Umar, Jamel, Bashir, Manzoor, Yar Mohammad, Mohammad Khalil, Ramzan, Ghulam Hyder, Maula Bux, Ali Hussain, Gul Mohammad and Abdullah Bhatti.

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