350km long coastal belt of Sindh encroached

KARACHI: Mangroves contribute directly to the livelihoods of the million of fishers at the coastal area of the country by providing wood and non- wood forest products and spawning grounds and nutrients for fish, shrimps, turtle and shellfish.

Mangroves are the natural safeguards which help to protect the coastal villages from tidal waves during monsoon, also provide shelter in high winds during fishing. Mangrove has a multi importance and life supporting benefits more than any other tree for the ecosystem and the fisheries.

Degradation of Mangroves near Karachi has a long history in the name of urban development through reclamation of coastal land. About 350 kilometres long coastal belt of Sindh, 17 main Creeks and more than 250 Islands are occupied by the sea lords. City garbage and untreated Industrial waste and ‘so called development projects’ such as coal power plants etc are another blight that is worsening up the situation.

Most importantly, various power generation schemes are being installed to destroy mangroves forests and grab land. The new phase is looking so horrible and the entire mangrove forests at the coastal belt seem going to be vanished.

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, keeping all this in view, is going to organize a Consultation Meeting inviting all the key stakeholders to device a sustainable framework in order to save the marine resources and to protect the livelihood of small scale fisherfolk.

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