48 blood banks seized in 2014

KARACHI: As many as 48 blood banks were seized across Sindh province in 2014 due to substandard blood supply, commercial blood banking and various other irregularities.

Provincial Program Manager & Secretary Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) Dr Zahid Hasan Ansari told PPI news agency here that 48 blood bank were closed across the province last year, out of which 28 were seized in Karachi over various irregularities.

He said 17 registered and 11 non-registered blood banks were sealed in Karachi city for not following the criteria of authority and other issues. He said 20 blood banks were sealed in other parts of Sindh.

He said SBTA monitoring teams had launched crackdown across Karachi city with assistance of local police and town officials and successfully closed the various blood banks established around the major hospitals.

He said blood banks were closed for not maintaining quality and stranded in supply of blood as per criteria set by SBTA.

Dr Ansari said no new blood bank was opened across the province in 2014 as SBTA was going to introduce centralized blood banking system in Sindh soon. He said four regional blood banks were under construction in different areas of the province like Karachi, Nawabshah, Jamshoro and Sukkur.

He said three regional blood banks would be made functional from 1st July 2015, while construction work of regional blood bank in Sukkur would be made operational from next years. All the small blood banks would be linked with big blood banks to ensure safe blood transfusion supply to patients throughout the province, he explained.

He said the aim of introducing centralized blood banking system would bring blood banks standard at international level.

He informed that 152 blood banks have been registered in the Sindh province so far, while about 148 blood banks had been sealed across the province in last few years.

He said blood banks should be equipped with refrigerators, analyser readers, microscopes, water baths, blood bank coaches, generators, centrifuge machinery, hemoglobin meters and other equipment.

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