50% schoolchildren have dental cavities in Pakistan

Karachi: Almost every Pakistani suffers from some oral disease in their lifetime, ranging from gum diseases and tooth decay to oral cancer.

This was informed by President Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) Dr Saqib Rashid, Dr Asif Niaz Arain, Dr Kefi Iqbal, Dr Muhammad Saeed and Dr Mehmood Shah in a joint press conference held at Karachi Press Club (KPC).

The press conference was organized to mark World Oral Health Day, which is being celebrated globally under the auspicious World Dental Federation on 20th March on theme “Celebrating healthy similes”.

Speakers said more than 90 percent of all dental disease remains untreated in the society; Pakistan has a long way to go before it can truly celebrate healthy similes.

They said 20 percent of the country’s population enjoys access to oral healthcare; 50 percent children have dental caries, and oral cancer is the second most common cancer in the country.

Speakers said twice use of tooth brush on daily basis and reducing eating sweet items decrease the 90 percent chances of developing diseases.

They said increasing trend of betel leaf and betel nut chewing is leading cause of mouth cancer in society. They said mouth cancer second common cancer disease in Pakistan.

They said there is dire need of creating the awareness among people about disease like mouth caner. They stressed the need organizing free medical treatment for people and awareness at school level to prevent from diseases.

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