5492 angiographies performed in NICVD in 20014

KARACHI: Executive Administrative Officer, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), Dr Hameed Ullah Malik, on Wednesday revealed that 5,492 angiography and 1,560 angioplasty operations were performed in the NICVD, the Sindh’s largest heart disease care hospital in 2014.

Dr Hameed Ullah told PPI here that 414,921 patients visited various Outpatient Departments this year, while 132,997 were brought to the Emergency Department in 2014. He said 36,050 patients with heart problems got admission in different wards, while 2090 death were reported in hospital this year.

As per the statistics for the year, 22,195 patients were facilitated with Echo test, 2,310 Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT), 37,683 X-ray and 147,954 Electrocardiography (ECG), he added. He said 677 Paeds Cath, 182 PTMC, 47 Valvoplasty, 58 electrophysiology study (EP), 849 TPM and 418 PPM procedures were also done in 2014.

He informed that 1,376 open heart surgeries, 214 close heart surgeries and 54 miscellaneous surgeries were also performed this year. He said 31,136 laboratory tests were also carried out in 2014.

Dr Malik said that around 2000 to 2500 patients are dealt in the outpatient departments and 600 to 800 patients are brought to the emergency ward on daily basis. He said 60 to 100 patients with different heart diseases are admitted in the hospital every day.

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