7000 district South employees go without salaries

KARACHI: Around 7000 workers of District Municipal Corporation (DMC) South have been suffering from getting less Octroi Zila Tax (OZT) than the total monthly bill of their salary. A request of 25 percent increment of OZT has been forwarded weeks ago to the chief minister of Sindh; however no heed has yet been paid to it.

Only monthly bill salaries aggregates to be Rs120million, while currently they are getting Rs99million. So, for several months they have been paying the employees (from BPS1-BPS17) previous salaries to fill the gap. There has become a gap of around 2-5 months depending on the grades. Being low salary employees of lower grades are given salaries on priority, sources told PPI.

Sources told employees were unable to make ends meet and had to borrow money to progress their daily routines. A shortage of Rs26mn a month was being faced only to give salaries to employees, while unmaintained rotting machineries for municipal works needed separate funds.

A senior officer from local government department Sindh said that DMC South deserved the increment and the request had reached the CM. However, it could not be told that whether the application would be accepted or not or how long it would take.

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