7,000 women die annually due to pregnancy infections

Karachi: Ex-President Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Pakistan (SOGP) Dr Shershah Syed revealed that around 7,000 women die of pregnancy related infections every year in Pakistan and most of such death occurs due to the carelessness of unskilled birth attendants.

Talking to the PPI, Dr Shershah said pregnancy infection is the third leading cause of deaths among women in the country.  He informed that around 22 to 27 percent women die of Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) in all maternal deaths and it is considered leading cause of deaths among women in Pakistan.  He informed that bleeding during pregnancy also is major factor behind women deaths.

Dr Shershah said most of infections occur among women when they are brought to illegally establish maternity homes operating across the country or in Sindh province without proper staff and skilled midwives for delivery.

He said women are administrated by incompetent and unskilled midwives at maternity homes during pregnancy which cause high mortality rate of women and children in Pakistan.

He said illegally established maternity homes could not maintain the proper cleanliness, which causes infections among women during the delivery process that leads to deaths later. He said infections related deaths could be avoided or prevented with mass level training of midwives in Pakistan.

Dr Shah said law already exists about illegal maternity homes but it needs to implement such laws in letter and spirit in order to reduce the high mortality rate among women during pregnancy annually in the country. He advised the women to adopt family planning measures and avoid abortions at maternity homes.

Senior leader of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad said illegally established maternity homes in streets of Karachi and other parts of province are playing with lives of people. He said such malpractice should be stopped immediately.

He informed that hundreds of quack doctors are playing with the lives of nation in the country.  He said women health is important issue and all women pregnancy related cases should be administrated though qualified gynaecologists at healthcares.

He hoped that the with the passage of health commission bill situation would be improved with the time in future.

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