95% educated women ignorant about business abilities

KARACHI: In Pakistan, nearly 95% of educated women don’t know about their untapped business abilities and entrepreneurial skills, which is not only hurting their own socioeconomic status, but also affecting the entire national economy too. It was declared at the annual meeting of Women Entrepreneurs Association held in a local hotel here in Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Pakistan’s President Ms Anum Kamran said that through ecommerce, our educated women could make a big difference, particularly in business fields related to fashion designing, apparel making, garments, jewellery, and handicrafts.

“Ecommerce offers equal opportunities to our local women in Pakistan, and via websites and online B2B portals. Many women have been using this wonderful medium to promote their business and trading objectives smartly,” Ms Anum said.

She was of the view that there was no glass ceiling even exists for those of the hardworking women in Pakistan who want to make a real impact on the male-dominated business world.

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Pakistan’s Secretary Ms Sara Ahmed said, “Pakistani woman is now no more willing to be portrayed as worthless souls as they are brave enough to challenge the status queue with their own efforts and initiatives. No doubt, they still have a long way to go, as far as their full socioeconomic development is concerned, but overall things have really started to change for Pakistani women all in all,” she emphasized.

“When the Pakistani region is ranked quite lower as compared to rest of the modern world with regards to unfavourable human rights conditions and rampant gender bias, it really becomes an intimidating task to become a successful entrepreneur for these women in a somewhat machismo society ruled by widespread ignorance and illiteracy. But, things have become quite changed now as many women in Pakistan now set

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