Action taken against vehicle parking space misuse

KARACHI: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has launched action against the commercial property owners in Saddar area for using the vehicle parking area as warehouses and shops.

Strict action was being taken against the owners of more than 50 commercial buildings in Saddar after conducting a thorough survey of the area. Non utilization of parking area resulted in the parking of over 5,000 vehicles and motor bikes at roadside had created traffic related problems in the busy commercial hub of the city.

KMC has completed the survey of commercial buildings in Saddar area and it was expected that this action would provide safe parking space for thousands of vehicles and motor bikes in Saddar area which besides solving the traffic jam problem also enhance the travel facilities for citizens.

Administrator Karachi Rauf Akhtar Farooqui has said that action was taken in the first step against such buildings in Saddar which had violated the rules and removed the parking space.

In case of lease grated for such warehouses and shops, the same will also be cancelled and in the second step, survey will be conducted in the whole city and vehicle parking facility will be restored everywhere whether it is a commercial property or a residential building.

Meanwhile, the Transport & Communication Department of KMC completed a survey of commercial buildings located on more than 10 Saddar roads where the space legally allocated for the parking of vehicles was either used for construction of warehouses or shops due to which more than five thousand vehicles and motor bikes were parking on roads and this situation has not only created traffic jam in Saddar but also caused trouble for pedestrians.

This survey report was prepared by over 15 officers and other officials of Transport Department after a weeklong survey that will be submitted to the Administrator Karachi.

According to the survey, these multi-storey commercial buildings which have violated the laws by misusing the vehicle parking space includes 13 commercial buildings on Abdullah Haroon Road, 10 buildings on Zaib-un-Nisa Street, 12 building on Preedy Street, 9 buildings on Dr. Dawood Pota Road, 20 buildings on Mir Karam Ali Talpur Road, 5 buildings on Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road and other 9 buildings on Shahrah-e-Iraq and other streets of Saddar.

The report has suggested action even against the leased warehouses and shops which had been established on the space originally allocated for the parking of vehicles.

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