Akif Saeed asks political leadership to show maturity

KARACHI: Ameer Tanzeem e Islami Hafiz Akif Saeed has said that the political leadership of Pakistan should show maturity now. He expressed sorrow over escalating conflict between the government and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and said that the tug of war for strengthening government and snatching government could bring Pakistan destruction.

Saeed said that if vote recounting, on demand of Imran Khan, had been started in four constitutions in the starting the situation could be stabilized.

He advised the government to review its decision in order to avoid clash on 14 August. He also advised Khan not to make his demands an egoistic issue and do not carry out long march towards Islamabad at a time when situation was already serious due to the Zarb-e-Azb operation.

Saeed also stressed that the culprits of Model Town incident should be given exemplary punishment. He advised the prime minister and army chief to spend a week with the internally displaced people to realize how bad situation they were through.

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