All set to get registered first Hari labour union in Mirpurkhas

Karachi/ Mirpurkhas, Sindh: Stressing the need of organizing workers of agriculture sector, a meeting convened by the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) here decided to get registered a union of local agriculture workers.

The meeting was held to discuss the matters related to getting registered trade unions under the Sindh Industrial Relations Act 2013. More than 40 workers of district Mirpurkhas including women attended the meeting headed by NTUF deputy general secretary Nasir Mansoor.

The speakers said that it was a welcome development that under the SIRA2013 workers of agriculture and fisheries have been recognized as workers and it would pave way getting registered the trade unions of workers related to agriculture in Sindh province. The Pakistani constitution under Article 17 allows all citizens to form their unions and associations and also recognized the right of collective bargaining as the basic right. In Pakistan the law to resolve the issues related to trade unions and industrial organization is called Industrial Relations Act (IRA), under this law saving police, armed forces, defence related departments and some other sectors, union could be formed in all other industrial and commercial organizations including those belonging to agriculture sector.

They said under the 18th constitutional amendment, the departments related to labours have been devolved from the federal government to the provinces and now they have got the right to make laws about labours. Under this right the government of Sindh approved the SIRA2013, which also recognized labours of agriculture and fisheries sector as workers and they would fully get the benefit like the industrial workers under the SIRA 2013. This was a big achievement in the labour history of Pakistan. Now the registered Haris would get the benefits of social security, pension, disability allowance, education funds and scholarships, residential facilities, medical treatment, Jahez grant, death grant, industrial homes/ community centres, annual bonus and workplace health and safety.

They said under the SIRA2013 now the Haris have got the right to make their trade unions and collective bargaining agents. They said they were trying to get registered a union of Haris for the first time in district Mirpurkhas that would also get the right of CBA. Later, on the pattern of this union, Haris unions would be got registered in all other districts of Sindh and they would also get them registered as CBAs.

In the end the meeting participants approved unanimously to form their trade union.

Those spoke included NTUF deputy general secretary Nasir Mansoor, information secretary Mushtaq Ali Shan, Sindh agricultural general workers union CBA senior vice president Lal Bux Sathio and local labour leaders Amar Chand and Jamna.