AmanTech admissions open through Nov 27

Karachi: AmanTech, Pakistan’s premier vocational training institutes, held its annual Open House event in Karachi to showcase AmanTech’s students’ talent and technical skills. Mr. Ahmar Iqbal, CEO of AmanTech, commented on the occasion: “Our students possess a flair to not only execute what they are taught but to also create new things using their creativity. This event showcases what our youth have to offer to the world. AmanTech’s aim is to transform the lives of our students and to empower them to become productive members of our society. It is our privilege to be able to empower our students.”

The projects on display demonstrated students’ creativity and the emphasis on innovation that is a hallmark of AmanTech’s culture. Students from the Plumbing department constructed a miniature park using the technical skills they learned during their course. Copper fitting, pipe bending, and fixing accessories for domestic water services all combined to create a fully functional park. The Automobile trade developed a project demonstrating continuously variable transmission (CVT) in an auto engine, which showed the students ability to build and display the cutting edge engine technology.

Each trade represented the skills AmanTech students had learned over the course of their certification through their projects. They displayed careful deliberation, uniqueness and distinctiveness, trademark characteristics of AmanTech students. The trades taught at AmanTech are designed to impart specific technical skills which are practically applicable in the local workforce’s requirements.

The general public was invited to attend the Open House and many prospective students attended it and engaged with current students and faculty members. The Admissions at AmanTech are now open giving the underserved youth of Pakistan an opportunity to learn skills that would help them find better job opportunities. AmanTech’s admissions team helps male and female applicants assess their potential and identify appropriate trades that also lead to better career opportunities. The last date of submission of applications is 27 November 2015. Admissions are open for the following trades: Mechatronics, Automobile, Mechanical, Fabrication, Welding & Pipework, General Electric, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, CAD CAM, CAD Civil, Electronics, Carpentry, Plumbing, Offset Printing & Stitching machinist.