APC demanded on corruption issue

Karachi: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) urged the Prime Minister (PM) to convene an all party conference (APC) to fight corruption just like the APC summoned to fight terrorism as both are causing huge damage to the country. There are no two ways about it that corruption needs to be attacked vigorously by the government with the support of all parties.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver lauded the consensus reached at the APC for amending the constitution for trial of suspects by military courts and said the next bold step is to fight corruption. It is very important that all parties sit together and develop consensus to fight corruption tooth and nail at all levels by forming an independent anti corruption bureau. Failure on the part of the political leadership to recognize this evil will bring about a revolution and it is high time the politicians realize this and work collectively in this direction to eliminate it.

He said the government can prove its sincerity only by its fight against corruption which is not letting the country to prosper and weakening the infrastructure of the country.

The country will not be able to progress or achieve without a full-fledged attack on corruption which has increased in the organizations and institutions to such an extent that repair and construction work is merely carried out on paper without actual physical work. The roads, bridges, canals have become weak and are likely to collapse with the passage of time.

It s very shameful that all projects are first studied with the plan to siphon out money by the project managers and huge amounts go into the pockets of these managers.

Expenses are exaggerated by the officers and the departments are billed for expenses beyond imagination. All purchases made have provisions for the purchase officers and heads of departments.

The country is fortunate to have handsome crops of cotton, wheat, rice, sugar , maize, pulses, fruits and vegetables and also dairy, poultry and livestock and huge income from withholding taxes and with all these resources it can develop into a very progressive modern country if genuine work is carried out but it is to be seen that there is deficit, loans and borrowings which is disgraceful.

It is not possible to fully eradicate corruption but it needs to be reduced substantially and the PM and his team of ministers, parliamentarians, bureaucracy and the law enforcing agencies have to act sincerely to cleanse the organizations and institutions of the corrupt strictly and quickly.

There is huge corruption in the revenue collection departments, taxation, customs, irrigation departments, government schools, hospitals, municipalities, police and has increased beyond proportion and no effort on the part of the government to fight it shows its insincerity.

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