APC demands solution to issues facing farmers

KARACHI: All parties conference (APC) entitled as “Hari Bachao Sindh Bachao” was held here on Tuesday in which their leaders showed concern over the government ignorant behavior and sugar mills mistreatment with Sindh farmers.

“Due to the exploitation by capitalists, agriculture sector was on the brink of collapse, causing irreparable loss to country’s economy,” said leaders all political, nationalist and religious parties while speaking at the APC organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh at Karachi Press Club.

JI Pakistan General Secretary Liaquat Ali Baloch lauded JI Sindh for raising issues of agriculture and farmers in Sindh.

He said: “Over 60 percent of Pakistan economy depends on agriculture in which four crops wheat, rice, sugarcane and cotton are major but unfortunately, the government has no concern over the issues pertaining to these crops.” He said at the grass root level, peasants were mistreated and were not given actual prices of products like sugarcane was ready for sale in Sindh but the sugar mill owners were purchasing it at Rs 152 per mound which was low but in Punjab the same sugarcane was purchased at Rs 182 which was injustice with farmers of Sindh.

Baloch said: “If government does not pay attention toward agriculture sector, no one could handle the situation as there is fear of food insecurity due to loss to agriculture.”

He said federal government would have to pay attention towards agriculture sector on priority basis. “If government does not pay attention to agriculture, economic and employment issues, then there will be economic instability in the region.”

He said the notable and senior persons of Sindh should hold a Jirga to resolve tribal conflicts in Sindh. He said the curse of interest on loans should be stamped out in which generation of farmers become enslave.

Sindh United Party (SUP) leader Jalal Mehmood Shah said the government had no effective policy to provide relief to peasants. He said: “There are about 34 sugar mills in Sindh, majority of these are owned by politicians who have no interest in issues facing farmers.”

He predicted that the coming months of March and April could be dangerous for farmers in which there could be risk to wheat crop.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan leader Shah Owais Noorani said committees should be formed at national and provincial level to press the government for acceptance of their demands. “Agriculture is not only issue of any particular party but it is the issue of common people.

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