APNEC seeks protection of jobs

KARACHI: The Karachi chapter of All Pakistan Newspapers Employees Confederation (Apnec) will launch a major drive, with the collaboration of Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) from June 2, with regard to protection of jobs of journalists and non-journalists, against the contract labour in newspapers and media houses, seeking raise in salaries of newspapermen, and for protecting the rights of newspaper workers.

In a statement, the APNEC Karachi General Secretary, Zaheer Ahmed Khan said the drive pertains to holding of rallies, sit-ins, display of huge banners, posters etc.

The APNEC Karachi also urged the newspaper owners to implement the 7th wage Award as per decision of the Supreme Court.

The government has also been advised to immediately start proceedings of the 8th wage board constituted under Necosa as per notification of Sept 16, 2013.