Bilal Manzar says checking re-emergence of encroachments not their mandate

KARACHI: Senior Director Land and Anti-encroachments Task Force Bilal Manzar said on Monday that he was fully satisfied with the ongoing operation against encroachment, while, at the same time he could not claim if total clearance of encroachment was possible in near future in the city.

Replying a question, Manzar blamed the government for the reemerging of encroachments and said that it was government’s job to devise a proper plan so that encroachments could not remerge on the surface.

“Our job is to remove all the encroachments found anywhere in the city and we are compelled to return the belongings collected during the operations to the encroachers after receiving fines. We are not authorized to formulate any law regarding permanently confiscating the belongings or any other thing,” he said. “It is a job of law enforcing agencies.”

The anti-encroachments operation launched by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) is yet to yield concrete results as when the belongings of encroachers are seized they get them back after paying paltry fines and re-establish these encroachments in the city.

The illegal encroachment is another reason of bad law and order situation prevailing in the city. Peace cannot be restored until the mighty encroachment mafia is controlled unwaveringly. For this, active cooperation from dominant political parties is needed, because, the land grabbers use political cover to do nefarious acts.

Manzar also told PPI that the difficulties they face during operations are normally of routine nature as they control the situation. However, once there was a tragic accident when ex-deputy director of KMC Muhammad Ishaq, 55, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen during an anti-encroachment drive in the New Karachi area on 31 Jan, 2014. Besides this there have been some injuries also as sometimes protesters get violent.

In any circumstance the director was consistent that the operations have been hundred per cent successful.

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